How do you do to sell as little as possible?

By on December 3, 2017

How do you do to sell as little as possible? And can you reconcile sobriety and good character ideals with alcohol abuse?

There are two issues that are noted when the Spritmuseum in Stockholm for the 20th time delivers scholarships for research on Swedish alcohol culture.

Systembolaget’s rhetoric about sales

The scholarship of 75,000 SEK has been awarded to Sanna Skärlund, PhD in Nordic Languages, Language and Literature Center at Lund University for the study “To sell as little as possible: Systembolaget’s rhetoric image”.

Sanna Skärlund will investigate the rhetorical image of Systembolaget, whose mission is to sell as little as possible. The research will focus on how the rhetorical evidence and persuasion grounds ethos, logos and patos are used on the Systembolaget’s website, which metaphors are used, and how the linguistic communication differs from the other Nordic spirits monopoly. She will also investigate what this can say about the alcohol culture in the different countries.

People’s park and alcohol

Johan Pries, Ph.D., Department of History at Lund University, is awarded a grant of SEK 50,000 in scholarship. He will research the People’s Park’s alcoholic serving and how it went together with the labor movement’s sobriety and good character ideals. In his research, he will also highlight the complex and contradictory history of the people’s parks and how a popular pleasure proved to be a much more historical cultural heritage.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music