HOUSE – a new club at Fasching

By on May 8, 2018
The start date for the club is May 11th and then there will be HOUSE every Friday at Fasching. Photo: Miki Anagrius

May 11 is the premiere of the new club HOUSE at Fasching, as the name suggests, housemusic is in focus.

Behind the club are established house DJs such as Rasmus Faber, “Mad” Mats Karlsson, Saint Sebastian and Kalle Stringberg. Even Sussi Zällh, Julia Lindholm, Hannah Prescott, Fabio & Stef and many more will play at the club in the near future. Common denominator is a deep and stifling love of the house music once invented in Chicago and constantly evolving in clubs around the world, not least the new undergroundhouse variations that continue to renew and develop the genre.

“We want everyone who likes this music to come to HOUSE, both audiences and DJs. In addition, we like all really good parties and will invite a wide range of other amazing DJs to our evenings”, says Rasmus Faber.

At HOUSE, every Friday from midnight will guests be offered four hours of live-working housemusic with the roots in soul, disco, techno and latin. Some DJ sets will be mixed with elements of live music and song.

“Just like Fasching, these DJ collectors stand for quality. Everyone has a pride in what they do and always deliver top class events. It feels incredibly fun to introduce this to our audience”, says Sara Asplund, Marketing Manager at Fasching.

The club’s instructive name also relates to another Fasching club, which became something of an institution in club-Stockholm: Soul.

“The name talks about what the visitor can expect: it’s about a broader house, where disco, gospel and African music as a whole will be noticeable. We manage the legacy of Frankie Knuckles and other legendary from Chicago”, says DJ Kalle Stringberg from Lighthouse.

At HOUSE the dance floor is at the center. With a huge amount of love and openness mixed with parties, DJs and collectors will invite a trip through music styles that all have warmth and natural turn – and together contribute to home music.

“There has been no club for our house lovers where you want to go straight on to the dance floor, and instantly feel the joy”, says Rasmus Faber.

“For us at Fasching, it’s important that the clubs have a connection to our live scene and it feels logical to present HOUSE as part of this. House music comes from the old school disco, funk – yes even jazz”, says Sara Asplund.

The start date for the club is May 11th and then it will be HOUSE every Friday – Time to lace the dance shoes!

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