By on November 27, 2016

Hornstulls Market, which is usually open during the summer, moving into Hornstulls trading with a Christmas market in miniature. The Christmas market will last for 9 to 21 December and offers a mix of design, vintage and jewelry.

This year’s new Christmas market in Hornstull is an exciting collaboration between two of Hornstulls most well-known meeting placesHornstulls commerce and Hornstulls Market. Hornstulls Market is an award winning and popular destination for Stockholm residents during the summer months. During the winter they usually take a break, but rather to keep it closed in anticipation of the spring, they move now into the warmth. The market is in a mini format that offers three unique exhibitors that are replaced every three days. In the market one will find small unique range of individuals and companies with a focus on design, jewelry, clothing, posters, prints and more.

Hornstull shall be a neighborhood center with both small scale and breadth. With our local Christmas market gives us the opportunity to spice up Christmas shopping with something unique and different. That’s exactly the mix that are in demand, says Sara Falkevik, marketing manager, HORNSTULL.

It is the first time that Hornstulls Market organizes something outside their regular spot at Hornstulls Strand.

– We give young players a chance to appear on an attractive location. It becomes a different element in the market place where we supplement the more established brands with super local designers, says Pauline Jönsson, at Glad Stad that stands behind Hornstulls Market.

What: Hornstulls Market holds Christmas markets in miniature in Hornstull

Where: On the ground floor of Hornstulls district center, Långholmsgatan / Hornsbruksgatan

When: December 9 to 21, the same hours as the market place. Weekdays 10-20, Saturday 10-18, Sunday 11-18.

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