Hollywood Undead releases albums and comes to Sweden

By on August 19, 2017

From Hollywood – but without glitter and glamor. The five members show up a completely different part of “Tinseltown” than we are used to seeing in movies and TV shows. It’s rough and dirty, it’s hard and asphalt scented. Current with the upcoming album “V”, the five masked members return to Sweden! Saturday February 25th in Stockholm!

The tickets were released yesterday, Friday 18 August, at 09:00 on LiveNation.se

The band has millions of streams / views and fans around the world. Songs like “Undead”, “Bullet”, “Everywhere I Go” and the latest single “California Dreaming” have transformed Hollywood Undead into a cult band in a short period of time. Ever since the debut album “Swan Songs” from 2008, the band has kicked in doors and paved the way with its unique mix of rap, rock and metal.

Soon comes the fifth album, “V” (Five), that the band will dedicate to its fans. The singer and bassist Johnny 3 Tears says:

“Our fans make us feel like we’re in the biggest group in the world. How much they care about the music inspires us to never let them down. Five is for them!”

See you at Fryshuset in February!

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