Historic flight uniforms through new technology

By on September 24, 2016

Because of the previously acclaimed 80th anniversary at Bromma Stockholm Airport now displays an installation at the airport. The uniforms as cabin staff at SAS Flight Line used over the years exposed to show how fashion changed in the industry. Through modern technology, called projection mapping, uniforms projected directly on the two mannequins in the arrival hall. The exhibition is a collaboration between Swedavia and the Nordic Museum.

Bromma Airport has been in operation since 1936 and thus celebrates the 80th anniversary this year. Through the projection mapping, a newly developed projection technology, airline uniforms from different decades showcased in three dimensions in a realistic way.

Airline cabin crew are an important part of the Bromma Airport’s history and is thus an integral part of the airport’s 80th birthday celebrations. Many of the uniforms are designed by internationally world-renowned fashion designers, and we like it this way to give our passengers a pleasant experience at the airport, says Peder Grunditz, airport director at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

Cabin crew uniforms have over the years seen out in several different ways, but some models used were almost iconic. A well-known example is the light blue winter uniform from 1971 designed by French fashion designer Christian Dior. Another model used by the staff of the SAS from 1983-1999 was a minimalist designed uniforms designed by Calvin Klein.

– Air hostess’s uniform was often a model for other female uniforms in traditionally male professions, when women began to take place in professional life. Uniforms are an interesting part of the Nordic Museum’s collections because they tell so much about man and society, says Marianne Larsson, curator and researcher at the Nordic Museum. And it’s exciting to this digital exhibition format can make our collections available in completely new contexts, she continues.

The installation is located in the arrivals hall and will be at Bromma year.

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