Hey – How would you like working for free

By on June 20, 2019

Hey! How would you like working for free? Keyra speaks up about the music industry in her second project “In my shoes” released on self owned underground label Keyrilla.

In January this year Keyra, 20, debuted as an independent by releasing her first project, Life Support, through her own label Keyrilla. Also this first project included both a song and a music video. During the spring she has, in parallel with her studies in Music Business, worked on writing more songs, made some live performances in Sweden but also in Malta and the 14:th of June she released her second project!

The song is called ”In my shoes” and is about all the hours in the studio and the hard work with everything behind creating music as an independent. The work that no one actually sees, because the only thing you hear is the 3 minutes on the radio. Tagline for the song is ”You couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes”. She wants to dedicate this song to all the independent artists, songwriters and producers out there to give them cred.

She has written and produced the song together with Martin Påhlsson and Mathias Loidimo Siroiney.

The music video fronts a pair of white Nike Airmax 720. Her vision with the video was to create a modern street version of Cinderella. The video focuses on the shoes which has a translucent sole which almost looks like glass and by 3D-animation the pair of shoes is walking around by themselves in the city trying to find it’s right owner. The video symbolizes apart from the visually obvious connection to Cinderella also the corresponding meaning behind the song, since Cinderella is the unnoticeable who works hard every day without recognition and therefore represents Keyra herself (and many others) as an independent very well. Keyra has in a very intelligent way connected her thought behind the song and succeeded to visualize this by the story in the video.

Keyra has co-directed the video together with the producer Daniel Svanberg, the animation is done by Joakim Tennfors and the post-production is done by Erik Linder.

This summer Keyra will perform live in a number of places, for example you can see her at the Stockholm Rainbow Weekend Festival in Kungsträdgården 2-3th of August and maybe she will also perform at the festival Musikens Makt in Luleå the same weekend. The plan for the future is to release at least one more song in 2019 and continue to write new material and in parallel continue her studies.

Music Video | Keyra – In My Shoes

Music | Hey – How would you like working for free