Here we heckle for full mugs – Flax and wool at Skansen

By on August 14, 2017

How is it going to mess, swingle, heckle and spåna? And how do you become an expert in spinning and weaving? Follow the flax and the wool’s path from fiber to finished product, and do not miss Spinnrocka loose Sunday, August 20 – the competition where the competition is subtle. Flax and wool is going on 19-22 August at 10:30 – 16:30.

Just over a hundred years ago, women could spin, weave and prepare their flax. Flax and wool were the most widely used fibers and they were often used in fabrics. The Flax and Wool program shows the various items of the flax preparation; crack, swingle, traction, heckling and spinning and how a spinning rock and loom are used. The sheep are cut, the wool cardigan, the woolen fabric stamped to a tight homespun at the Vadmals stamp and old wool recycled. Those who want to can help at the wash, get acquainted with practical household tips and learn how to knyppla and do woodwork. Sunday, August 20, it’s time for Spinnrocka loose! In Bragehallen – the exciting competition in how a thread becomes!

This happens during Flax and wool

Crack, swingle, heckle, spin and weave inside and outside Älvrosgården
Here shows how to take care of the retted flax:wipe it in the sauna, crack, swingle and heckle, spins on dragonfly and spinning rock, and weaving in the mangårds building with wool.

Linen in Delsbogården
In the mangårds building, older linen is shown, such as magnificent textiles such as fell quilts and bed ryas in woolen, flax and woolen clothes from Skansen’s wardrobe, knyppling from Hälsingland and weaving linen to undergarment.

Wash by the pond next to Delsbogården
Skansen village community shows how you byker, demonstrate other older washing methods, and how to care for wools, airing woolen clothes and remove stains.

Flax preparation work and the vadmalsstampen
Flax preparation is ongoing with the water-driven swingle. Here is also shown how to stomp yll fabric to homespun in the water-driven stamp and callouses knitted wool garments.

Rope hitting at Tingsvallen
Skansen’s village community shows how rope hitting of flax and hemp is done.

Try on at Orsakullen
Try-on knyppling (Sat-Sun 11-15, Mon-Tues 10-15)
New and traditional knyppling with the Association Knyppelpinnarna. Try to knyppla on your own!
Try-on-craft (Sat-Sun 11-15, Mon-Tues 10-15)
Try to embroider and felting together with the Stockholms läns hemslöjdsförening.

The flax is pulled on the field at Seglora church at 13.30-15
The flax was sown on Karolinadagen on May 20th and, according to the folktron, would grow tall. Here is shown how to pull the flax and you will be able to help.

Recycle your wool at Hornborgastugan
Previously, the availability of wool was limited. Old worn woolen garments were unravel thread by thread and by “churn” and carded they could be spun back to yarn.

Products of flax and wool on Marknadsgatan Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th Aug
Here are displayed and sold yarn and handicrafts of flax and wool: knitted, needle-bonded crocheted, woven and felted, as well as jewelry, toys and food crafts.

Craft on Bollnestorget Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th Aug
Craft of flax demonstration and sale of Linodlarföreningen Fransåker

Sheepshearing at Skånegården at 12.15-14
Sheepshearing the Leicester sheep should be mowed and Skansen’s animal keeper will show how to mowed with hand scissors goes.

Bakery, City Quarter
Flaxseed bread is available for sale in Bakery.

Spinnrocka loose August 20th
Sunday, August 20th is the time for Spinnrocka loose – a fun race in spinning wool into a thread in Bragehallen. The contestants spin on dragonfly or spinning rock. In cooperation with Slöjd Stockholm.
Bragehallen at 11.45-14.45

Flax and wool are four days with focus on activities and try-on starting Saturday, August 19, and go on to Tuesday, August 22, 10-16 .30.

With reservation for changes

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