Here the traffic is closed during New Year

By on December 30, 2017
Stockholms stad

New Year’s Eve 2017 invites Stockholm City to a big fireworks in the city at the twelfth battle. To create a nice new year’s celebration for all Stockholmers and visitors, the area will be a firework free zone and the traffic will be suspended temporarily for a couple of hours.

During last year’s New Year’s Eve, thousands of stockholmers and visitors gathered to celebrate the new year at Skeppsbron, Slottsbacken, Strömbron and along Södra Blasieholmskajen. New Year’s Eve 2017-2018, this area will be a firework free zone and the fireworks are projected from the water below Slottsbacken.

Traffic shutdowns during New Year’s Eve 2017

The year’s traffic closures apply throughout the fireworks free zone and are extended to apply to parts of Kungsträdgården and Södra Blasieholmen. Stockholm city, which organizes the event, wants to expand accessibility to visitors and emergency vehicles with the extension.

Car traffic is blocked off for parts of the Old Town, Skeppsbron, Strömbron, Kungsträdgården, Berzelii Park and Södra Blasieholmen from December 31 at 20:00 to 1 January at 05:00. Deviations may occur.

As for the fireworks free zone

The fireworks free zone will, as before, have staffed entrances. Anyone who wants to enter the area will be visited and those who have brought their own fireworks will leave them outside.

Best view of the fireworks

The traditional fireworks take place at the twelfth battle from the water below Slottsbacken. Best views will be from Skeppsbron and Södra Blasieholmskajen. The quay around the water will be atmospheric lit and have speaker systems with music.

New Year’s Eve in city is organized by the city of Stockholm and is conducted in cooperation with the police, the rescue service and the relevant authorities

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm