Her Self a portrait Kulturnatt Partout

By on April 17, 2017

The woman in the portrait is surprised to discover that she is being watched. At first flattered, she wants to impress the viewer but loses herself in the process. She suddenly realizes that she is totally out of sync with her mirrored image and being watched becomes uncomfortable and difficult to relate to.

With visual art as a starting point, Galleri Duerr invites youths and leaders to talk about current issues. Galleri Duerr and Partout Galleri invite you for screenings and conversations with Her Self’s producer/performer Maud Karlsson and director Martin Lima de Faria. Moderator: Lotte Johansson.

The film itself gives rise to new conversations about the complexity of being seen or being watched, about self images, about getting stuck in self-made roles and the subtle choices we make to stay within our frame.

Concept & Performance: Maud Karlsson
Director: Martin Lima de Faria & Judy Lieff
Photo: Jesper Klevenås
Art Director / VFX / Post Production: Fredrik Borg
Music: Coste Apetrea
Sound/Mix: Felix Aneer
Producer: MaudsArt

Represented on Artsy – the international resource for high quality art collecting and education.

Maud Karlsson, dancer, uses her body as a means of expression. After 11 years in New York City and over 20 years in Sweden, she has expanded her repertoire to include visual and video art. With a solid base in dance coupled with a genuine love of the art of dance, Maud designs choreographic routines, often combined with acting, text, film, visual arts, sculpture and voice compositions, producing works for public performance as well as commissioned exhibitions. After completing her studies at the Ballet Academy of Stockholm and the School of Music in Gothenburg (Art & Management) and several scholarships, she has performed with national and international dance companies, movies, biennials, art exhibitions and conferences for both the public and private sector. She is also artistic director, curator and initiator of special events in the spirit of the arts.

Martin Lima de Faria graduated from the Danish School of Film with the award winning film “Brainstorm”. He has since then worked with Ingmar Bergman and has directed several films, among them “Heartbeat” with Alexander Skarsgard which was rewarded at Cannes Film Festival, “Little Love”, also shown at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner and Anna Odell’s Guldbagge-winning feature film “The Reunion”.

Her Self is represented on Artsy.net – an international resource for high quality art collecting and education. Contact Galleri Duerr for showings, sales and collaborations.

7-9 PM Showing in a loop with motion sensor until midnight!

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