Henrik Berggren starts his solo career on Grönan

By on March 7, 2017

After years of speculation and regret are Broder Daniel’s frontman Henrik Berggren’s solo debut finally here. On May 5, releases the album “Wolf’s Heart” and 24 May starts Henrik Berggren his solo career and the summer tour on Gröna Lund’s Main Stage.

Thursday, March 2 at 15:00 was released without warning Henrik Berggren’s first single as a solo artist, “To My Brother, Johnny.” It had been nine years since Brother Daniel said goodbye with an emotional concert at the Way Out West and 14 years since the last album “Cruel Town” was released. As one of Sweden’s most beloved bands have Broder Daniel’s music a special place in the hearts of music lovers. During his colorful career has often been in absentia as the band’s popularity and status of myth has grown. They got their breakthrough in the large audience via the detour on the soundtrack for Fucking Amal and after years in exile was released the last disc, where they were met by a much larger audience than the one they left. Since the farewell has the legend of the band just grown and grown, and when Henrik Berggren now after years of rumors finally is back is it not only a great event, but a music history.

Henrik Berggren’s long talked-about solo debut is called “Wolf’s Heart” and will be released May 5 by Woah Dad! in cooperation with the United Stage. Just a few weeks later, he sets out on tour, consisting of only six shows. Tour premiere and the first concert on Henrik Berggren’s solo career is going to take place on 24 May at 20:00 on Gröna Lund’s Main Stage.

– Brother Daniel is one of Sweden’s most legendary bands and Henrik Berggren’s return is incredibly awaited. That he makes his first solo concert and tour premiere in Stockholm and on our stage feels incredibly fun. It will be one of those “I was there” performens, says Johan Tidstrand, Gröna Lund’s owners.

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