By on January 13, 2017

The legendary alternative metal band Helmet will return to Sweden at the beginning of the year! The concert is a part of the world tour as the band performs in connection with the release of their first new album in six years, Dead to the World.

Helmet was formed in New York in 1989 by singer and guitarist Page Hamilton, who through Helmets entire career has been the only constant member. With its mix of Zeppelin-like riffs and post-hardcore, along with Hamilton’s classical jazz training, Helmet created a completely unique sound that has come to influence the likes of Deftones, Rise Against, Pantera and Tool. Helmet debuted with Strap It On 1990 and signed then with Interscope Records, who released the band’s second album Mean Time in 1992, which was also their big breakthrough.

After two more albums splintered Helmet 1998 and the coming years spent Hamilton to among other record soundtracks, acting guitarist for David Bowie and start the band Gandhi. In 2004, Hamilton started up Helmet again, and since then the group has released three albums and toured around the world.

Thursday February 2, 2017 Debaser Strand Stockholm

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