Helen Sjöholm and Vanna Rosenberg in newly written quantum physical musical

By on February 25, 2019
Klara G

Hugh and Nancy’s many worlds are a newly written musical about US quantum physician Hugh Everett and his wife Nancy. The role of housewife Nancy is made by Helen Sjöholm and Vanna Rosenberg and her husband Hugh is played by Magnus Roosmann. For text and director stands Lars Rudolfsson and the music is written by Mats Gustafsson and Per-Åke Holmlander. First performance at Elverket on 2 March.

Nancy is a housewife in the 1970s USA. It is a time of swingers and belief in the future, barbecue parties and refurbishment. She cleans, bakes “Key Lime Pie” and nags her teenage children. The husband Hugh is a mathematical genius. In his youth he worked with quantum physics and launched a revolutionary theory of how our world is constantly divided into new parallel worlds.

But where is Nancy? Suddenly, an unexpected guest steps out of the cleaning scrub in the form of an apparently living human who claims to be Nancy as well.

– Both Nancy become like two sisters, two twin souls, who help and support each other in the fight for a dignified existence as a woman and mother, says director Lars Rudolfsson.

Philosophical room
A conversation about parallel worlds with, among others, Ulf Danielsson, professor of theoretical physics in a collaboration between Sweden’s Radio and Dramaten&. March 21, at 19.30 – 21.00 in the Dramaten bar. Free admission. More information and tickets will be released shortly. The program is recorded and broadcast in SR P1 on March 31st.

to Hugh and Nancy’s many worlds, March 13, with playwright Emma Meyer Dunér in conversation with director and playwright Lars Rudolfsson.

On March 22, professor of science philosophy at Stockholm University, Richard Dawid, tells about Hugh Everett. Free entrance, open to everyone (even those without a ticket for the evening’s performance).

Hugh and Nancy’s many worlds, first performance March 2, Elverket

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