OneWell is a Swedish designed alkaline water bottle

By on September 3, 2016

OneWell®, the revolutionary new Swedish designed Alkaline water bottle enabling healthier drinking water for everyone, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life

The OneWell water bottle is an innovation from Sweden. It is unique in how it activates the water in the same way Mother Nature does; energizing, mineralizing and alkalizing.

“If you have ever tasted fresh, cold water straight from a mountain stream you will never forget how it tasted!,” says Co-Founder and CEO Christina Rindsjö. “Natural water is filtered and enriched by rocks and pebbles, making it rich in minerals and of the right alkaline level – the way nature intended.”

OneWell believes in high quality water for the well-being of the body as well as for the planet. By hydrating bodies with high-quality, alkaline water this helps the body restore balance and well-being. Nature will also benefit from reducing the waste of disposable plastic bottles.

Scientific and medical research has shown that humans need to support the body with alkalizing foods and water to help regulate the acidity and help restore the bodies’ pH level as well as support a strong immune system. Drinking high-quality alkaline water can have a great impact on overall health.

The bottle works for 1500 fills, which is the equivalent of approximately two years of high-quality water. Not only will it save the consumer a lot of expenses, by not having to buy bottled water, but it will also save the planet from a lot of unnecessary plastic waste.

“After breathing, water is most important for our health. Drinking high-quality water can make a huge difference to our health and well-being. Therefore, we wanted to provide a beautiful, simple solution to give everyone access to higher quality alkaline water,” adds Rindsjö.

The mission of OneWell is to raise awareness about high-quality water and create balance, harmony and well-being for the body as well as the planet. The company hopes to inspire a water movement and help raise awareness around the quality of water and how it impacts both well-being and the environment.

The OneWell Alkaline Water Bottle is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter.

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