He is the Meeting chef of the year 2017

By on April 20, 2017

This year’s meeting chef 2017 is choosen. Rikard Wicklund is Meeting chef of the year 2017 after a final that offered excitement into the final. A total of 17 cooks raised from culinary prominent conference facilities and hotels in Sweden. Rikard Wicklund from Wenngarn was the finalist who managed best with the competition in the final. To cook a main course of the secret basket in an hour. Which this year was completely vegetarian.

From the prestigious jury, consisting of Henrik Norström, Jonas Dahlbom and Christina Möller, the motivation was:

“The winner has succeeded in creating excellent dishes with nice flavors that are well balanced. The dishes will be wonderful memories for the future. With respect for the raw material and a broad technical knowledge – Rikard Wicklund.”

Rickard became the fourth winner in the competition’s history, which, in addition to the honor, can look forward to a trip to any destination worth 10,000 SEK.

On second place in Meeting chef of the year came Petter Holmgren from Lejondal Castle and on third place Joel Andin from Sankt Jörgen Park.

This year’s competition offered extra everything in the entertainment way. Visitors could enjoy an action-packed game where amazing layouts and creative food creations were the cornerstones of the competition.
During the first round of competition, got the competing chefs 30 minutes for preparation and preparatory of the raw materials. Then, in 45 minutes, prepare and present three sets of same starters and three sets of same main course. The main raw materials in this year’s competition were quail and pike-perch fillet.

The challenge this year was to create “a contemporary conscious two-course conference meal.”

Conferences for the fourth year in a row were food pros Carl-Jan Granqvist who with the glimpse of the eye took the pulse of those contestants and rollick to the audience. In combination with the competition, the fair was held with the same name. Visitors could taste, smell and enjoy delicacies from meeting places that focus extra on the kitchen in combination with conferences and meetings. The aim of the fair is to inspire conference bookeer’s for better meetings where the food is important.

The competition, which took place at Aveqia in Stockholm, gathered more than 200 interested conference booker’s.

Our high expectations have been met and we are pleased to note that the Meeting chef of the year became a success this year. We were not quite happy with last year’s arrangements, but have worked hard since then with the preparations and a new competition concept for this year’s event. This year the competition was as good as we hoped for and the event fulfills an incredibly important function for the meeting industry. Now the follow-up work and planning are waiting for next year’s competition, says Joel Dean, Project Manager for the Meeting chef of the year.

Competitors in the Meeting chef of the year 2017

Bergendal – Daniel Larsson

• Bockholmen – Sebastian Järlid

• Elite Marina Tower – Thomas Östberg

• Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden – Johan Larsson

• Gullmarsstrand Hotell och Konferens – Markus Rönnqvist

• Happy Tammsvik – Peder Henriksson

• Högberga Gård – Magnus Wallin

• Lejondals Slott – Petter Holmgren

• Sabis- Näringslivets hus – Johannes Stålhammar

• Sånga-Säby Hotell & Konferens – Fredrik Hedin

• Sankt Jörgen Park – Joel Andin

• Sigtuna Stadshotell – Liam Ginnane

• Skåvsjöholm – Simon Söderberg

• Skytteholm Hotell & Konferens – Eddie Dautovic

• Nynäs havsbad/Sodexo – Håkan Lundholm

• Karlstad CCC – Magnus Hammar

• Wenngarn – Rikard Wicklund

* Installations marked in bold were one of the six finalists.

Previous winner in the competition

In 2016 we were pleased to introduce our first female winner when Emma Eijre from Färna Herrgård took home the first prize. In 2015 Tommy Eriksson won from Högberga Gård and in 2014 won Daniel Müllern from Ystad Saltsjöbad.

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