Häxorna are moved to the Big Stage

By on January 29, 2018
Christian Friedländer

Roald Dahl’s beloved children horrror Häxorna, directed by Alexander Dark Eidem had premiere on the Little Stage at January 18th. After a big crowd press, 10 new performances are released, this time on the Big Stage.

The interest in seeing Häxorna on the Little Stage has been great among the audience and, for more people to be able to see the set, are Häxorna now moved to Dramatens biggest stage. In total, there will be 10 new performances, in addition to the 45 already planned, between 29 April and 29 May.

Press voices about the set:

“Fun, imaginative, musical and playful” (Express)

“A fast-paced performance tripped with hair-raising scenes, precious costumes, situation comedy, very funny replicas” (Södermanlands Nyheter)

“Sure in aim witch orgy” (Aftonbladet)

“Alexander Mørk-Eidem and the ensemble do not save on the gunpowder.” (SvD)

“It’s great to experience children and youth theater at the highest level.” (Kulturbloggen)

When the orphan boy moves in to his grandmother, he is told that witches are on real. They are everywhere and look like regular women. There may be a teacher or aunt on the bus. Or by all means she who flies the tickets at the theater. But the witches can be recognized. They have blue spittle, wigs and always wear gloves. Now they are making plans to kill all the children around the world and the little boy must save them.

Recommended from 7 years. A production from Unga Dramaten

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm