Handmade jewelry of old porcelain

By on July 1, 2018

My shards may introduce themselves!

Hey! In our last life, we were, plates, dishes or cups. Most of the time, we are forgotten, hidden, nuts and scratches at some second-hand market. We are considered unfit for use and no one wants to collect us because we have had a lot of bumps in our lives. Nobody wants us just because we’re not perfect. But life does not have to end, at Saved & Remade we have had a new chance. MiaMaria know the art of picking up the best of all of us, even those who are not of a nice family like Gustavsberg or Rörstrand. In our new family Shards give happiness are all worth the same and constantly new family members are welcome. MiaMaria saves lives on many, but we are her favorites!







To buy these unique jewelry visit here>>

Porslinssmycken is retailer for Saved & Remade who does exactly as it sounds: saves and remakes. The jewelery is designed and handmade by Mia Lagerman. 

Above all, old porcelain gets new life. But also much else worn-out turns into fine, fun and useful jewelry, such as for example old typewriter keys.








Helena Olofsson, Gadgets