Halloween at Gröna Lund – premiere October 27th

By on May 15, 2017

On October 27 to November 5 opens Gröna Lund for the first time ever up its gates for a grand Halloween celebration. During the day, families and light-hearted children can enjoy Lilla Området among pumpkins and witches. But when the clock hits 18:00 the darkness falls on the tivoli’s Stora Område and awakens zombies, scary clowns and other evil beings from their sleep. There are also four new horror houses, a fire show at Main Stage and a horror zone – for those who dare.

Between October 27 and November 5 (all autumn break), Gröna Lund opens tivolit for the first time for a Halloween celebration. The whole tivoli with attractions is open and the park is decorated in different Halloween themes, where Lilla Området is adapted to the younger visitors with pumpkins, witches and ghosts. The children are also welcome to Pettson o Findus World, which is thematized into a more spooky Pettson House, and at the Little Stage it is offered a children’s show twice a day.

In the Stora Området, the brave guests will be able to visit four horror houses, where the House of Nightmares gets new nightmares, Blå Tåget is spiced with live ghosts, a horror maze is built on the floor of the Radiobilarna and the Lustiga Huset transforms into the Olustiga Huset. In addition, it is offered a fire show at the Main Stage every evening, from the crazy artists in Burnt Out Punks.

At 18:00, evil creature is alive
When the big bell hit at 18:00, the darkness is lowered over the tivoli and phantoms, zombies, scary clowns and evil beings is gathered into a horror parade that passes through Stora Området. It is also when our horror zone is activated. If you choose to visit the zone, which is very good at tivolit, you will meet these evil beings close by …

There is no really cool Halloween celebration in Stockholm, something we wanted to change. Halloween at Gröna Lund will be able to offer great experiences to everyone, from curious families who want a fun activity in the autumn holidays to horror loving adults who really want to be scared, says Joanna Hammar, Marketing Manager at Gröna Lund.

See the teaser movie for Halloween at Gröna Lund here >>

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