Gustaf Vasa church has opened the doors again

By on December 8, 2017
Anders Fredriksén.

First advent, Gustaf Vasa church opened its doors after extensive renovation.

The renovation of Gustaf Vasa church is one of the largest church renovation projects in Stockholm throughout the ages. Both inside and outside, the church has undergone a necessary and extensive restoration and rebuilding. Since the church was built in 1906, several redevelopments have taken place, resulting in yearly changes. Many of the actions that have now been taken have been to pick up the original design of Agi Lindegren as well as to make the different annual rings to interact with each other. For example, windows have again received clear glass to release more daylight, as they originally had. The benches have returned to a darker color that form the room and gives a harmonious impression. The facade has again got the brighter, almost white, color it had from the beginning. In this way, the shadow play of the rich decorations is emphasized in the church’s characteristic new baroque details. The stately church is crowned by crosses and lighthouses, as well as the clock-faces pointer, have been re gilded with bladegold. A natural part of the renovation has also been cleaning and preserving ceilings, walls and floors, as well as grout repair and painting.

– The changes and additions we made have been subordinated to the original performance, says Mona Lantzourakis, responsible architect from AIX Architects. It has been important to use genuine and traditional material that lasts over time and ages dignified.

The church has been modernized and adapted to the necessary technical solutions needed today. All of these functions are outside the church room to minimize the impact on the culture-historically valuable environment. Among the new features and additions that have been made, there are, for example, caretaker expedition, accessibility wc, bridal chamber, kitchenette, new offices, a new entrance hall and three new lifts that make the church accessible to everyone and are important for coffin transport and at redecoration. Darker stone floors with underfloor heating have been introduced into the church room, which contrasts beautifully with the brighter original marble aisles and creates restful symmetry.

Gustaf Vasa Church is one of Stockholm’s largest churches with space for about 1100 visitors. Now the public can be welcomed to a church with better accessibility, acoustics, light, climate and comfort. The first advent opened the doors again and you can re-experience this magnificent church in all its splendor.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm