Gunnel Sahlin, glass designer, attends London Craft

By on May 1, 2017

This year’s theme for the London Craft Week is “Celebration of Europe”. Konsthantverkarna, one of Sweden’s oldest handicrafts cooperative, were asked to attend the London Craft Week and then elected the member and glass designer Gunnel Sahlin. Gunnel shows “Hortus Poetica – Exploring Materiality, Color & Form” as shown on the Vessel gallery, 114 Kensington Park Rd.

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In her exploration, Sahlin materializes creative expressions about the possibilities of glass and color. The sculpture series Hortus Poetica is inspired by a life with garden. Sahlin has over 20 years of experience in the Swedish glass industry and has exhibited in many places including New York and Tokyo. She has been Professor at Konstfack, Stockholm and Pilchuck Glass School in the United States. Between 1986 – 2005 she was designer at Kosta Boda.

On May 3-7, London Craft Week is hosted for the third time. This annual event has the ambition to showcase the best of British and international crafts, arts crafts, art and design in meeting with food, fashion and shopping. LCW puts it on its website that it is: “a beyond luxury, journey-of-discovery”. Over 230 exhibitions, workshops, talks, demonstrations are available at museums such as Victoria & Albert and British Museum as well as galleries, michelin-priced restaurants and studios. Read more in the London Craft Week program here >>

Guy Salter, chairman of the London Craft Week, expresses this as follows:

“London Craft Week is a response to a renaissance in the appreciation of creativity and craft; to the role of hand, head, unique skills and true talent. It is another example of what, at its best, the world’s creative capital does so well – mixing glamour with cutting edge; heritage and contemporary and the commercial with the cultural.” 

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