Gunilla Roempke’s dance scholarship to Eva Säfström

By on December 25, 2018
Mats Lindgren

“Extraordinary in her role as a rehearsal for both dancers and choreographers”. Eva Säfström has been awarded the 2018 scholarship and SEK 50,000 from Gunilla Roempke’s dance foundation. The scholarship was awarded on the Royal Opera after the Nutcracker, a set for which Eva is the main responsible repetiteur for.

The jury motivates: “For the choreographer, she is an excellent speaking partner in the creation process of new productions. She has a fingertip feeling for the choreographer’s intentions and movement language, whether it is for contemporary works or the established classics. Bringing the tradition to the next generation, with her genuine knowledge of the origin of the piece, she transfers the feeling and the basic idea to the dancer and therefore gives them the best conditions to develop their roles.”

Eva mixes her artistic and organizational ability and combines it with her special knowledge in Benesh notation, which means that she belongs to an exclusive crowd who can write down whole ballets on sheet music. “

In addition to Titti Gentele, who presented the award winner at the ceremony, the ballet managers Nicholas Le Riche and Madeleine Onne, the choreographer Pär Isberg and Eva Qviberg have been included.

Gunilla Roempke’s dance foundation was formed in 2005. The foundation regularly distributes scholarships to persons active in the field of professional dance in Sweden. Primarily for dancers, rehearsals and choreographers with special artistic veins and who contribute to the continued development of the dance art and be a source of inspiration for future dance generations.

Gunilla Roempke (1940-2005) was engaged in the Royal Ballet in 1958 as a dancer and became a soloist in 1966. Gunilla worked from 1971 in parallel as a choreographer assistant and repetitionist. In 1980 -1984, she was named Ballet Manager for the Royal Ballet. Furthermore, Gunilla continued her career as a choreographer, repetiteur, ballet master and director.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm