Guaranteed circus autumn: CIRCUSMANIA Storstockholm

By on September 3, 2017
Einar Kling Odencrantz

The Circus has conquered a large, devoted and ever-growing audience, which also attracted a new young generation of talent into the profession. In a unique occasion, four new-backed companies show each performance around in Storstockholm. It will be a great opportunity to get insight into the creative breadth of the circus. Four evenings, four completely different performances in four different places. Welcome to Circusmania!

In conjunction with the international circus fair Subcase, which takes place in Subtopia, Botkyrka, four performances are presented at Hangaren Subtopia, Södra Teatern, Estrad in Södertälje and Dieselverkstaden in Nacka. Common to the companies is that they are young, from all over the world, newly educated and have recently gone out to meet their audience.

– Circusmania becomes a sort of snapshot of a new generation of practitioners. Everyone can love the circus and with these performances, we believe we can satisfy the great desires that exist after this art form, says Elin Borrie, Marketing Director Subtopia, one of the promoters.

About the four performances

The Alula Cyr group consists of three women who with ingenuity pair acrobatics, singing and dancing, especially with handstands and cyr-wheel. With these means, they convey scenes and moods on the topic of strength, physical challenges and community. Hyena is their first performance.

Date: 14 and 15 November at 19
Location Dieselverkstaden

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Animal acrobatics and nonverbal excursions in powerful soundscapes of live music will it be with the group Fauna. Here comes the beastly forward and the performance offers beauty at the highest level, in a performance as beautiful as life itself. Fauna’s members come from different parts of the world. On stage there is also the guitarist and sound artist Geordie Little.

Date 15 Nov at 19
Location: Södra Teatern

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Babel, forget
What happens if nobody understands the other? Six personalities in the company Kaaos Kaamos do their utmost, both linguistically and physically, to investigate the tensions between being themselves and being together in the pursuit of a common language: the body, the meal and the magnesium!

Date: 16 Nov at 19
Location: Hangaren, Subtopia, Botkyrka

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100% Circus
Is it necessary to breathe? Can you hang in the hair? 100% Circus pushes their abilities to the limit of impossible. To mongolian throat singing and hula dance, the duo performs breakneck acrobatics, among other things, with pole in a performance filled with friendship and humor. With unexpected circus experiments twist and turn Julien and Mikkel in their family performance on everything we take for granted.

Date: 17 Nov at 20
Location Estrad in Södertälje

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