Gröna Lund starts its own restaurant school

By on February 9, 2019

Now, the annual recruitment starts to all summer services at Stockholm’s famous fairground, Gröna Lund. More than 1,500 services will be added before the park opens its doors on April 27, and one searches for everything from carousel drivers to restaurant staff and mechanics. New for this year is that tivolit started a restaurant school for newly arrived Swedes in collaboration with Tillväxtverket and the Swedish Public Employment Service.

Every year, work begins on finding all the employees who will take care of Gröna Lunds just over 1.6 million visitors. This year they need to set a record number of services, just over 1500, where everyone is welcome to apply, no matter who you are or where you come from. For many years, tivolit has been working actively with various diversity projects, since working according to the motto “everyone is equally welcome, always”. A devis that applies to as well employees as guests.

An own restaurant school – new diversity project
This year, Gröna Lund also collaborates with the Swedish Public Employment Service in various diversity projects, where young people with different functional variations and new arrivals are employed. This year, they have also started there own restaurant school in collaboration with Tillväxtverket and the Swedish Public Employment Service. The entire hospitality industry suffers from a large shortage of trained restaurant staff, while many new arrivals find it difficult to enter the labor market. This year, therefore, Gröna Lund starts a restaurant school at tivolit’s restaurants, where 30 people receive a three-month restaurant training from Gröna Lund’s staff. When they are finished with the education there is the opportunity for the students to continue working in the restaurant at Gröna Lund or to search elsewhere. The education was filled quickly and is already in full swing.

– It is no secret that everyone in the hospitality industry screams for restaurant staff, both cooks and cold buffet staff, kitchen assistants and service. In addition, we saw an opportunity where we, as a private actor, could be involved and help new arrivals to get out into working life. Our new restaurant school is simply a real win-win situation. We have already found enthusiastic people that we are training in the spring and who will have the opportunity to start working in our kitchens and restaurants when we open tivolit on April 27, says Samuel Cabrera, kitchen chef at Gröna Lund.

All 1500 services at Gröna Lund can be applied for here>>

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Djurgården