Gröna Lund seeking 1300 new employees

By on February 19, 2017

Even a closed amusement park is full of life. Currently in progress is one of the amusement park’s largest and most important work, namely to find 1 300 new employees until the Gröna Lund opens its doors on 29 April. Apart from attractions carousel driver to to the new drop attraction Ikaros, sockervaddssnurrare and techniques, seek’s new employees to the restaurants. As usual, is diversity in focus, which encourages people with all different types of backgrounds and experience to seek to the tivoli.

Now has the starting shot gone for the recruitment process that from now until april will find a record number of new employees to Gröna Lund. The tivoli seek’s from carousel driver to to technicians and for most of the services it does not matter what is on the CV, the most important thing is that you have the right commitment and personality. Gröna Lund will also continue its work on diversity regarding its employees by hiring people over 50 and people with various disabilities. Last year also began Gröna Lund cooperation with the Employment Service, which hired new arrivals, a project they continue with also this year.

We have for several years seen how our focus on diversity in our workforce actually lead to better service and guest relations. Last year, we hired several new arrivals for the first time, which was a fantastic experience for both our employees and our guests. When they only can a little Swedish on their first day, and then two weeks later standing with a microphone in their hand and guide our guests in entrances, one can not but be proud. Great people come from all sorts of countries, backgrounds and cultures, says Ida Troive, HR manager at Gröna Lund.

All services can be searched via the Parks and Resorts career page.

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