Great exhibition with Dorina Mocan and Christer Lönngren

By on January 6, 2018

Väsby Konsthall is pleased to now offer our audience an exhibition with:

The artist couple Dorina Mocan and Christer Lönngren.

Twenty years ago, Väsby Konsthall was the place for Dorina Mocan and Christer Lönngren’s first joint exhibition. Since then, Mocan and Lönngren have been successful with many exhibitions around Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, England and China. They have also created ornaments for private companies and institutions here at home as well as for some of the world’s largest cruise lines.

Dorina Mocan is educated at the academy in Cluj Napoca, Romania and has been resident and active in Upplands Väsby since she came to Sweden in 1981.
Since then, her mission has been numerous and she is represented among other things at the State Art Council, county councils and municipalities, the Royal house private collection, companies and private collections in some thirty countries.
For the last 14 years, Dorina Mocan has mostly worked for the Asia market with recurring exhibitions in Hong Kong and Singapore. A commitment that led to the Swedish exhibitions being more rare. After being awarded a jury prize earlier this year in the prestigious international portrait competition Portrait Now in Denmark, it is now time for a long-standing appearance in the home municipality.

“In one way, I experience Dorina Mocan’s art as a signal for us to enter a new era of human awareness, magical but at the same time relaxed and almost virginly sensual. Her poetry seems to me to be more physical than intellectual. We must perceive the objects through the feelings they awake with us. She introduces us into a new world that is both magical and dilapidated, a world far in the distance, seen through dreams and rites. Nothing more, nothing less than what the world requires of us today.”
Art critic Rolf Haglund

Christer Lönngren is a sculptor and works with stone. For many years he had his base on Gotland, but since 5 years back in Uttersberg, where he and Dorina now own a property with good working spaces for both of them.







“I think it’s just the successful combination of compassion and conscious leadership that creates the strong attraction of Christer Lönngren’s sculptures, often quite small to the format but with the closest monumental appearance. They bring to life a deeply rooted feeling for the stone as a natural phenomenon, as a surface and shape, tempting to touch. At the same time they are undoubtedly created by a human hand and a human intellect whose minds and experiences crossing mine. And this is precisely at this point of intersection as the meaningful artwork occurs.”
Art critic Inger Landström.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Upplands Väsby