GRANT has released the second single “Wicked”!

By on March 23, 2018

GRANT got a brilliant start with her debut single “Waterline” that was released last fall.

The single was honored and she was rewritten as “Best Right Now” and “Sweden’s New Pop Promise” by several significant journalists.

“Waterline” was played a lot on P3 and is a song that spread like a real “word by mouth” discovery.

After a celebrated performance at Grammis Gala in February, GRANT is now ready to release her sequel “Wicked”.

She was recently also one of the most talked about artists on the Norwegian by:larm festival in Oslo where she performed two shows the first weekend in March.

The song is written by GRANT together with Peter Kvint and is produced by him together with Johan T Karlsson (Familjen).

GRANT (Caroline Cederlöf) tells about the song:

– “Wicked” was written with bitter vengefulness but also with humor. It’s laughing to see yourself from the outside as you try to ridicule all the characteristics you just fell in love with and could die for. “Wicked” has helped me light at least moments of self-assurance after being deceived and dumped.

For 23-year-old GRANT, music has always been a safe zone where she has been able to be herself. As she grew up, she was shy until she discovered her voice and taking place on stage.

She started her music career singing in rock bands and roar to loud electric guitars but switched to jazz and has never come out of her period with Édith Piaf, Björk and PJ Harvey.

– I like strong characters that are brusque, honest but still mysterious. That’s how I want to be myself. It’s a way for me to get out of the role of shy. On stage I get a place with all my emotional spectrum.

At the moment GRANT is working with Peter Kvint and Johan T Karlsson (Familjen) to complete her debut album, which is about growing up and growing into herself. From anxiety to falling in love.

Listen to “Wicked” here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music