Grand Hôtel changes shape with a new facade

By on December 25, 2017
Magnus Mårding for the Grand Hôtel

One of Stockholm’s landmarks gets a new look next year. During the first quarter, Grand Hôtel’s façade is refurbished to highlight the best of the history of the house. A story that stretches from the 1800s exquisite original version to the stripped classicalism that characterizes the house today. The vision is to recreate a façade that both depicts Grand Hôtels rich heritage and lives in interaction with the surrounding buildings in Blasieholmen.

Observant stockholmers have seen a change in the Grand Hôtel during the fall. In the lower right corner of the main building, a test facade has been built to give a taste of how the future exterior of the house will look. During the spring of 2018, they plan to unveil a new facade in light ocher, whose stuccoes and classic facade decorations will create an impressive and inviting impression.

– With the new facade, we want to tell Grand Hôtel’s story. With the documentation of the changes that the house has undergone, we have produced the best of every era. The renovation allows us to create symbiosis between the outside and the experiences within our ports – such as the Cadier bar and the recently remodeled Winter Garden, where cultural history is combined with state-of-the-art technology, says Pia Djupmark, CEO of the Grand Hôtel.

With its waterfront location at the castle, the Grand Hôtel has been an obvious part of Stockholm’s cityscape since 1874. Over the years, the house has undergone a number of transformations. The magnificent original version was inspired by the founder Régis Cadier’s role models in Paris, which was reversed during the late turn of the century after influences from London and Berlin’s Art Nouveau style. The next step was Ivar Tengbom, who, in several phases, refurbished both interior and exterior according to Nordic classicist manners. In addition to the exterior changing appearance over the years, the house is also built on several floors. In addition, the Grand Hôtel has got three more additions when the neighbors Grand Hôtel Royal, Burmese Palace and Bolinderska Palace were incorporated into the building.

– There are few classical buildings in Stockholm that have changed their appearance in the same radical way that the Grand Hôtel has done. With a restored and renewed facade, it is not only the Grand Hôtel that clarifies its history, it also adds value to the cityscape of Stockholm and surrounding buildings, says architect Per Kallstenius.

The drawings of Grand Hôtel’s new facade have been developed by architect Per Kallstenius in collaboration with Karin Hagelberg at Tengbom Architectural Bureau. In the future, a renewal of the entrance, re-painting of the roof and a light installation that are scheduled for the 2024th anniversary of the year are also planned to show that the Grand Hôtel is built on tradition and renewal – entirely in the founder Régis Cadiers spirit.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm