Graduating collections from Beckmans in the spring exhibition at Kulturhuset

By on March 23, 2017

In the exhibition Natura Dentata meets art and fashion in a dark embrace. Earlier Beckman Students Anna Scholz (2016) and Lamija Suljevic (2013) participates with parts from their graduation collections from Beckmans. Another participant is Martin Bergström, senior lecturer at the Fashion program at Beckmans with an entirely new work.

Acclaimed graduate collections

Seductive glades filled with sudden death, beautiful brooding forms of decay. Berries and bacteria. The exhibition Natura Dentata has its foundation in the ruthless nature.

For Lamija Suljevic who graduated from Beckmans in 2013, the forest is a scary place. It is either a hiding place from the soldiers, or a green tomb ajar. Her acclaimed collection graduated from Beckmans, “Like Snow, White Bird” is hand-stitched and created as a reconciliation work with the genocide in Srebrenica.

Read the interview with Lamija about the exhibition in Bon Magazine here >>

Anna Scholz final collection “Once I Was a Princess” was first shown at the graduation show in May last year. In the collection she takes us to the child’s fantasy world in which the unreliable centaur live. Anna has received considerable attention for her collection and was among others selected to compete in Designers Nest at Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2016. Hear her talk about her design on April 6 when she participates in a conversation with Philip Warkander, PhD in Fashion Studies and jewelry artist Martha Matsson at Kulturhuset.

New work by Beckman Lecturer Martin Bergström

Martin Bergström sets together with Thomas Klementsson out a completely new work specifically for the exhibition. The work, which consists of several films, called Kaamos, a Finnish word that is about the darkest period before the turn – when the polar night is darkest before it gets light again. The films are projected on the walls and on the floor in one of the rooms of the exhibition.

The exhibition displayed in Gallery 3 at Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre between 17 March to 18 June 2017.

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