Graduateland Virtual Career Fair 2017 to open

By on February 5, 2017

Graduateland Virtual Career Fair 2017 to open with 27 companies looking to recruit university talent. On February 8th, employers and students from all over Europe will participate in a new event in digital recruitment, an all online job fair.

Instead of going to a conference hall to network and present themselves face-to-face, the attending students and recent graduates will meet company representatives on an online platform where they can connect via a live chat function. Among the companies joining the virtual career fair are Deloitte, British American Tobacco and GN Store Nord (full list below).

“We are really excited that we could get so many employers from different countries and industries to try this new concept”, says Patrick Lund, CEO & Co-Founder of Graduateland.

The career portal held its first trial run for an online job fair in September 2016, using an external software provider to host the platform.

“From that trial, we got very positive responses from HR departments as well as from universities and the participating students”, says Lund. “So we decided to go all-in, and develop a virtual career fair that is really tailored to the recruitment of young talent.”

Online job fairs have started as a digital recruitment trend in the United States – in Europe, on the other hand, the concept of online networking between recruiters and potential applicants is still fairly new. Graduateland started developing its own Virtual Career Fair venue in October 2016. “We built the online fair in very close cooperation with our key stakeholders, the employers, students, and universities, to make sure it will fit their needs in the world of online recruitment”, says Lund.

Participating students log in for free with a user profile which will be matched with all the companies at the virtual career fair and the vacant positions they have online. They can then choose what topics they want to discuss on the chat. The companies, on the other hand, set up virtual booths where they can post vacant positions they want promote and showcase their work environment in pictures and videos. On February 8th, the live chat function will be opened between 11 am and 4 pm for students and representatives from the organisations to have conversations.

Get a preview of the Virtual Career Fair venue and company stalls >>

The participating companies are:
Amadeus, Amcor, British American Tobacco, Bestseller, British Telecom, Cisco, Forsvaret, Danske Bank, Deloitte,, EIB, GN Store Nord, Handelsbanken, HP, Hubspot, Infonordic, King, L’Oreal, Nike, Nordisk Jobbstart+, Philip Morris International, Runway, TDC, Telenor, T.K. Maxx, Vattenfall