Godsmack to Sweden with new album!

By on May 9, 2018

The Boston band Godsmack has reached cult status. The last album (number seven in the order) is another straight rockright on the entire music world. “When Legends Rise” was released the other day and is something of a new start for the band that previously released monster hits like “I Stand Alone”, “Awake” and “Voodoo”. On October 29, the Quartet will finally return to Sweden – and Fryshuset in Stockholm!

“When you listen to this album, just have some fun with it. That’s what music should do at the end of the day. There’s no doubt about it, this is a rock record through and through. This is also a Godsmack record.” says singer Sully Erna about the latest album.

It’s a band that sold over 20 million albums, nominated for four Grammy Awards – and in the hometown of Boston, August 6th has been elected to “Godsmack Day” by the mayor of the city. It’s a band that’s important in Massachusetts – like the rest of the world. And with the band’s seventh album they are more current than ever.

Sully Erna, Robbie Merrill, Tony Rombola and Shannon Larkin are finally heading to Sweden again. With old hits and songs from the new album, October 29 will be a really good evening at Fryshuset!

29/10 – Fryshuset, Stockholm

The tickets are released via LiveNation.com

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm