God is back in Mattias Andersson’s newly written play Uppenbarelsen

By on October 30, 2017

Mattias Andersson’s Uppenbarelsen is a play about a number of people who in 2017 receive a call from God to perform a holy sacrifice – and about a woman who turns her back to God. First performance on the Little Stage on November 16th. The roles include Shanti Roney and Rebecka Hemse.

A middle-aged man gets a religious revelation – he must sleep with the woman who begging outside the grocery store. A young girl claims to have heard a voice that prompted her to start a holy war. Two brothers have a violent deal on which of the two were born with the divine gift. All stories circle around the same place – a single garbage room.

– It becomes drastic and sometimes quite comical because we, as secularized as we live today, do not have that kind of relationship with God that someone can influence our actions. So, there are quite a few comic situations, says Rebecka Hemse.

– It is a kind of portrayal of parallel perceptions of reality, parallel facts, parallel truths and parallel world views. That somebody perceives is orange someone else claim is blue! I have also thought of the term “retrotopia”, which means that utopine no longer seems to be like something previously tested before us – but instead the clock turns back with a longing for the simple and clear and there concept of nation, family and god returns with full force, says Mattias Andersson.

Mattias Andersson’s The Mental States of Sweden in Dance had its first performance at Dramaten in September this year. He has previously set up the Idiot, The Mental States of Sweden and Deformed Persona at Dramaten. Uppenbarelsen is the first newly written work for a long time, where Mattias Andersson is not based on documentary material.

Contributors Rebecka Hemse, Shanti Roney, Alexander Salzberger, David Fukamachi Regnfors, Electra Hallman, Nadja Weiss, Bengt Braskered
By and direction of Mattias Andersson
Music and sound design Anna Sóley Tryggvadóttir
Scenography Charlie Åström and Mattias Andersson
Wig and mask Natalie Pujol
Costume Anna Heymowska
Lighting design Charlie Åström

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm