Go from developer to team lead? How to deal with the challenges

By on September 12, 2019

Are you a developer or IT consultant with a few years of experience and feel that the next step is a team lead role? We know that the questions are many and that it can be difficult to find a solution that suits everyone.

We have therefore invited Martin Söderberg, a .NET developer with 10 years of experience, to tell us more about common pitfalls and success recipes he encountered during his career when it comes to building effective teams. During the event, you will learn more about what you as a team lead need to have in order to take on the role. It means everything from group dynamics to communication and how to best prepare for a new role as team lead.

To give you more information, we will be recruiting Martin’s practical experiences with Åsa Söderbaum, Employee Experience Manager with several years of experience as a leader, who will take us through various theories and research behind building effective teams & communications.

07:45 Breakfast is served
08:00 The theory behind building an effective team and what are important qualities for a team lead – Åsa tells!
08:30 How are you doing in practice? Martin tells us!
08:50 We round off.

Don’t miss the lecture at Digitalent Thursday 19 September 2019.

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