Ghost Ship is Grönans new horror house on Halloween

By on September 10, 2018

On October 19th, last year’s success Halloween will continue at Gröna Lund, where whole tivoli will turn into a big Halloween celebration with horror houses and scary areas of different degrees. One of the worst news of the year is Ghost Ship, a brand new horror house in the form of an oriental ship carrying a thousand-year curse.

A ship from the Orient has a dark and stormy night slid towards Saltsjön and attached its rusty chains to the edge of Gröna Lund’s Kajsida. The ship’s crew can not be found anywhere, but the various spaces in the wrecked interior of the dragon boat testify of dark events. Indeed, inside the ship’s hull is an evil from a thousand years old curse hidden. So runs the story behind Gröna Lund’s new horror house this year’s Halloween celebration. Those who dare to aboard Ghost Ship will need to get through 750 square feet of horror, spread over three floors and a 200 meter long maze.

– We noticed last year that there was a huge sigh after our horror house where the queues was long. This year we have three new horror houses, where Ghost Ship will be the highest of all in horror, with an age recommendation of 13 years without adult. I have not decided myself if I’m going to dare to go in, says Johan Lotsander, project manager for Halloween at Gröna Lund.

More open days, more horror houses and more themed areas
Last year was the first time that Halloween was arranged at Gröna Lund and the success was a fact, with a total of 85,000 visitors in the 10 open days. Until this year, the Halloween celebration has been extended by three days, adding three new horror houses and increasing the thematic areas in the park. Guests will also encounter more living (and dead) actors who move freely in the area. Like last year, Gröna Lunds Small Area is adapted to the younger children, filled with pumpkins and nice witches, while the Greater Area has a darker focus on thematic areas such as the cemetery, the zombie zone, the swamp and the cornfield.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm