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Meet Geko from Manchester! The rapper who since the age of 8 has made a strong impression on the hip hop scene in the UK with his Afrobeat-influenced sound. On May 2, he performs at Debaser Strand in Stockholm.

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With genre weights in rap and grime, Manchester son Geko has impressed the music industry in recent years, not least because of his African and Arab beat.

The music has always been a big part of Geko’s upbringing. It was first when he was 11 and his younger brother tragically passed away as he began experimenting with the music and managed to channel his pain to find his own sound. The song “Goodnight”, dedicated to her little brother, became a viral success and settled in ninth place on iTunes. Geko quickly went from being a local celebrity to becoming a recognized rapper in the UK.

On YouTube, Geko’s participation in Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth has been seen close to a million times and he is the program’s youngest rapper of all time.

To grow as an artist, Geko began playing around with African and Arabic influences a few years ago and to mix with his mix of rap, pop and grime. The sound was quickly associated with his artistry and helped him to enter the UK stage and introduce a completely new sound, strongly influenced by Afrobeat. The single “6:30” from 2018 already has over 21 million streams on Spotify.

With his raw ambition, endurance and talent, it seems a little that Geko cannot achieve. This is only the beginning!

2 May Debaser Strand

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Södermalm