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By on November 16, 2015

New Casino Limited continues the journey with interviews with prominent players in the gaming market, and this time it’s the 777 Casino. In contrast to most other new online casinos has the sister company 888 Holdings Plc been listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) for more than a decade. In many ways, 777 Casino is far from some newcomers, even if the new casino been packaged in a very tasteful and modern shell. Their established casino, 888, has over 20 million registered users and now remains to be seen if the new 777 Casino will be as successful. In order to answer the questions have New Casino been helped by Gai Drumer, Partner Manager at 777 Casino.

Why was number 777 chosen for your new casino?

The number 7 and 777 in particular has a special significance in the Christian and Jewish culture. 7 are considered to bring luck in many different random ways. For example, it is said that Noah’s father lived for 777 years. In the Hebrew tradition is 7 to be regarded as a perfect number. In the Christian faith is 7 also a holy day because it was written that God rested on the seventh day. In the same way that 666 reflects something sinister, is 777 the opposite – that represents something good, holy and happy. 777 is also reflective of the Trinity perfection times two. And in Revelation (New Testament), there are 7 bowls of wrath, 7 angels and 7 trumpets 777. But perhaps the main reason why 777 is the name of this casino online site is its meaning in the American gaming culture: 777 reflects a jackpot win in slot machines. In other words, it is a lucky number and casino players who see the numbers associate them immediately with happiness, good times and good memories, “replies Gai Drumer before he takes the next question.
There is a sense of Vegas and the USA when visiting the 777’s website. Why not Macao theme?
It is just that! 777 Casino is shaped by nostalgia for the old Las Vegas culture. It’s a new era for online casino with an experience that combines technical wizardry with innovation and retro feel of 1950’s Vegas. This mixture of old and new is precisely the reason why 777 Casino works so well. This extracted all the positivity and excitement that Vegas from the past had to offer with all the modern wonders of online gaming. The result is a symphony of modern online casino games in an attractive setting. Macau has lots to offer to the players in the Pacific and it is certainly a tempting destination for many. But the 777 Casino is focused on western theme and the charm of the world’s most glittering, glamorous and iconic casino metropolis – Las Vegas!
To read all 7 interview questions, please visit the official page, New Casino would like to thank Gai Drumer that he took the time to answer all the questions and wishes 777 Casino luck with the new site that is full of Las Vegas nostalgia from the 1950s, but has a modern website and the very latest games.
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