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By on May 31, 2016

Follow in the family footsteps using Writelins interactive map app. The app is linked to a life story and the ping to your mobile when you are near the places that mean a lot in the family history. Discover new places and explore your own unique family history with the help of Writelin.

Write your life story on Writelins website and invite family and friends to follow your story via mobile phone or computer. Enhance your experience with using old photos, postcards and letters. Ask an elderly relative to write down their memories so that the whole family can take part of these amazing stories and interesting places.

There is a great demand to learn more about their cultural and family heritage and contribute to contemporary history is passed on to future generations. With Writelin we provide a softer complement genealogy, says Cecilia Gruvberger, CEO Writelin AB.

Writelin was named a finalist in both the City of Stockholm’s innovation scholarship that Venture Cup in December 2015, but it is only now that we have developed a sufficiently complete and affordable offering that we are incredibly proud of, continues Gruvberger.

Writelin is the first digital web service that provides simple and fun tool for writing and preserve memories for life. Invite loved ones to enjoy life story online, by maps app or in a beautiful hardcover book.

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