Gadgets | New book from Stockholmia publisher: With steamer from country to city

By on May 21, 2016
Book Release 16 June.

The steamboat era is long over, but there is still a small fleet of the most beautiful white boats left in the Stockholm area. In their time they meant economic as well as social and technological change.

Over sixty years was steamship lines one of the key factors that transformed much of the countryside.

Together, they accounted for an extensive infrastructure. Today, the preserved steamboats can be seen as memorials of an important part of Stockholm and Sweden’s history.

Early in the 1800s established steamboat connoisseur lines between the capital and other cities around Lake Mälaren. In this book complements the writer and steamboat connoisseur Lennart Rydberg previous research on steamboat connoisseur traffic history when he describes how even the vast hinterland, Mälardalen agricultural areas, tied closer to the capital through new routes. What difference did the traffic to people in these areas? What accounted for the initiatives and capital and how developed technology, service and comfort during the epoch?