Funkis festival comes to Vallentuna!

By on July 11, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Vallentuna will participate in the Funkis Festival – Sweden’s biggest singing competition for people with cognitive or neuropsychiatric function variations in LSS. In Vallentuna the competition takes place on November 24th, when a contribution will be awarded as the winner. The winner will then represent Vallentuna in the big finals in spring 2019. Do not miss this!

Funkis Festival started in 2011 and is today an appreciated annual event organized by the Funkisglädje association. During the fall a number of competitions will be held in the municipalities that are affiliated with the association. In Vallentuna municipality, the competition takes place on November 24th at NOVA Youth House, when Vallentuna’s winning contribution is to be voted by a jury.

In the competition, approximately 15 contributions can contribute. Registration is via Vallentuna’s website and is open until August 31, 2018. To register, you must be 15 years or older. For those who do not want to participate as an artist there is also the opportunity to participate in other ways, such as jury members or conferences.

Vallentuna’s part competition is organized by the municipality of Vallentuna in cooperation with the target group for which the event is organized. For more information or registration, see

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Vallentuna