Fun at Christmas on Skansen

By on November 20, 2017

Christmas is fun, and Skansen has the resources. Dance around the spruce, Christmas crafting, lots of candy-floss, go hiking and look for trace after the real Santa or go the tour “Bland tomtar och bockar”. Lill-Skansen is Christmas open, the sausage grilles are running and you can go around to see how Christmas was celebrated before. The 7th of January it will end, because then Christmas will be danced out.

The fox goes over the ice on Bollnestorget all Christmas market days when Ayla Kabaca or Johanna Börjeson conducts the dance around the christmas tree together with the Christmas orchestra.

Crafting and candle making are taking place in the Christmas workshop in Skogens hus. It produces old-fashioned glossy paper hearts, market chocolates and caramel sprouts. On site there are knowledgeable staff who help with the Christmas crafting. New for this year is that the pyssel workshop is open until January 7th.

Traces of Santa tell about the little gray Santa man who lived in the farm and helped with the care of the animals and other chores.

Among Santas and goats goes from Delsbogården to Oktorpsgården, Älvrosgården, Järnhandlarbostaden and Konsum. In the past, it was the Christmas goat that handed out the Christmas presents. Santa Claus, as we know today, appeared only in the 1930s in Sweden, at the same time as the Advent Calendar.

In the various Christmas environments in the houses you can learn about why they didn’t always had cutlery for example. On the Delsbogården lay the table with folded thin bread that served as both napkins and help to eat the good Christmas food. There is a lot to see and think about when it comes to Christmas.

Christmas bake was an important part of the preparations before and on 4-8 December its Chrismas baked in the modern electric stove in the iron merchants’ building, and the 12-17 Christmas baked in the wood stove at the teacher’s family in Väla school.

On January 7th, Christmas ends, and then it dances out with Ayla Kabaca and the Christmas Orchestra on Bollnestorget. There is also fish pond, candy-floss sales, sausage grills and burnt almonds.

Then lays the calm down on Skansen until January 13, when Cirkus Skansen starts with performances every Sunday until April 22.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm