Fully packed park summer in Huddinge – start June 7th

By on May 23, 2017

Huddinge municipality proudly presents the year’s summer program with children performances, live bands, stand-up, dance and magic. Everything is free and venues are Sjödalsparken in Huddinge center, Stortorpsparken in Trångsund, Solhagaparken in Masmo and Flemingsbergsparken.

Culture in its different forms should be easily accessible to the municipality’s inhabitants. With this year’s program, we want to offer something for all ages, says Vibeke Bildt, chairman of the culture and leisure board, Huddinge municipality.

Listen to and experience the musical knock out Sallyswag, bring the children to the Theater Slavas fairy tales Kalavala cabinet or laugh at Zinat Pirzadeh’s sharp tongue. Lose the chin to the magician Carl Tillenius, live with when Povel’s nature children unbuttoning Rameltexter and melodies and sing along when Patrik Isaksson draws hits in Stortorpsparken.

Not least we want to tip about Voice of Rockville, our own choir consisting of twenty youths, as well as leaders from the music youth center Rockville in Trångsund, says Anneli Fällman, Culture and Leisure Director of Huddinge Municipality.

See the program here >>

Photographer / Source: Jennian Johannesson

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