From Tegnérlunden to The country into the distance

By on December 7, 2016

Miramis, the Weaver, The swordsmith, Knight Kato and all other in Mio, my Mio are included when Astrid Lindgren’s magical adventures become family show at the Culture City Theatre, Main Stage, directed by Sofia Jupither. Premiered on 17 December in the dramatization by Kristina Lugn and newly composed by Joakim Unander. Starring Tove Edfeldt, Bahador Foladi, Eva Stenson, Gerhard Hoberstorfer, Odile Nunes, Shebly Niavarani, Christer Fant and Jorgen Thorsson and others.

– For the king The country into the distance. The one you had long sought is on the way. He travels by day and night, and he bears in his hand the sign, the golden apple.

When the orphan Bo Vilhelm Olsson receive a golden apple of Auntie Lundin in the fruit shop becomes his world never again the same. Suddenly, he did not stay sitting alone on a park bench in Tegnérlunden. Now he is prince Mio who lives with his father the king in the The country into the distance. Prince Mio, riding the horse Miramis over the meadows and playing gawky with his best friend Jum Jum. But in his black castle in the country outside makes the knight Kato ready for battle, the cruel knight Kato with a heart of stone and a claw of iron. And the one he will fight is Mio – as it has been determined in thousands and thousands of years.

Mio, my Mio are fairy tale, adventure and social realism at the same time. It is a story that takes kids seriously. With imagination can Bosse, the lonely child on the park bench, creating a dream world to himself. It is a story that does not duck the dark at the same time inspire the hope and is tender without being the least bit sentimental. It is inexorably but not cruel, says Sofia Jupither.


By Astrid Lindgren In dramatization of Kristina Lugn

Premiere Dec. 17 on the Main Stage

From 7 years

By Astrid Lindgren

Dramatization Kristina Lugn

Director Sofia Jupither

Scenography Erlend Birkeland

Costume Julia Przedmojska

Light Linus Fellbom

Sound Michael Breschi

Mask Johanna Ruben

Composer Joakim Unander


Bosse / Mio – Tove Edfeldt

Benke / Jum Jum – Bahador Foladi

Auntie Lundin / Grandma – Eva Stenson

The kingGerhard Hoberstorfer

The WeaverOdile Nunes

Old man Eno – Shebly Niavarani

The swordsmith Christer Fant

Knight’s Kato – Jorgen Thorsson

NonnoJulia Marko-Nord

Jiri – Tiril Wishman Eeg-Henriksen *

Quickwalkers Jonas Blixt, Magnus Hammer, Oskar Laring

Jiris brother / Quickwalkers – Olof Neppelberg, Oscar Jupither

Jiris sister 1 / QuickwalkersNadia Christiansson, Alfonsina Bejarano-Arvidsson

Jiris Sister 2 – Ella Hammarsten Liedberg, Lily Wahlsteen

Nonnus brother 1 – Malte LegrosSelander, Pelle Avemo Hådell

Nonnus brother 2 / Quickwalkers – Desmond Englund, Alex Moore Eklund

Milli Mani – No Avemo Hådell, Lilly Ann Frelin

* Trainee from Malmö Theatre Academy

Photographer: Alexander Jansson

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