From Satan’s democracy to making a children’s performance

By on April 16, 2019
Jimmy Meurling

Actress, comedian and clown Angela Wand and director Jimmy Meurling, who last worked together with critically acclaimed Satan’s democracy, now create a children’s performance in the circus genre. The two have written scripts together and Angela Wand is on stage as the captain who has never seen land, while Jimmy Meurling stands for directing.

Kasta loss
Played 9, 11 and 12 May
at the Hangar at Albyvägen 38
By and with Angela Wand
Director of Jimmy Meurling (Satan’s Democracy)

The show Kasta Loss mixes humor and excitement and focuses on a very specific age group, that between children and youth, but is as much for children as for adults. However, it can be scary for the very smallest when the storm pulls out with its thunder and monsters rise from the sea in the fight with the captain, Angela Wand tells.

– We are trying to find both the current challenges that 10-12 year olds are worried about today, such as what happens to our seas and social norms, and a timelessness in the belief in themselves. How would one’s everyday life look if you were yourself all the time? If you only had yourself to believe in, would you believe in yourself much more or much less?

In a fairy tale reminiscent of Moby Dick, the captain fights against the elements in the hunt for the monster while the seagulls attack from the sky. Who is the monster and why does the captain chase it? Was it the monster that ate up the captain’s father? Or does the captain only eat octopus and has now caught its eyes on the biggest? How should their meeting end?

The captain is also a tough with soft sides that constantly re-uses things found on the sea, rebuilds them and invents new ones, and lives with the calm out in the infinite blue. Under its daylight as its darkness. What is the world without all the distractions of modern life? Do we remember how to use all the senses to the fullest?

– We all can dream and fantasize, but what the actor Angela Wand also does is that she has the power to get the audience to color the imagination. She makes us sit in the boat and get wet on the feet together with her, says Jimmy Meurling.

In addition to bringing life to all senses, the show invites everyone regardless of language. Out on the sea between all borders, the borders of the language are also blurred and the captain speaks in the radio on pirate, which we can all understand.

Kasta loss is Angela Wand’s second performance on Subtopia. She has previously set up the show Wounded Animals.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Alby