From Paris to Berns – World Dj Dimitri

By on January 12, 2019

Saturday, February 2, the international DJ Dimitri From Paris will come to Berns to create a disco party in Stora Salongen.

Dimitri From Paris
Dimitri From Paris is a French international DJ and music producer, born in Turkey and of Greek descent. With fans all over the world, he creates magic at clubs and parties. His music is influenced by the disco and fun period in the 1970s, which he now mixed into a modern house sound.

We have all listened countless times to his classic mixes such as “One Night At Playboy Mansion” and his “Cocktail Disco” at bars around the world, where he has selected some of the best songs to dance to.

Disco weekend at Berns
On Saturday, February 2, Berns invites you to a full evening that will have your feet sore. Enjoy a dinner at Berns Asiatiska before the icon Dimitri From Paris takes you on a journey through the disco music, absolute magic in the Great Salon.

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