From facebook fun to the store shelf

By on October 8, 2017

The post, produced together with the advertising agency DDB Stockholm, was unbelievably seen by half a million Swedes (reaching 1.3 million in organic reach). But even though the box was pronounced playful, people started calling and asking where it was available to buy. Delicato, famous for its popular pastries – but also brave and humorous advertising campaigns – was not late to take the idea of launching the box for real.

– Delicato is a very pleasurable brand with a pretty funny tonality. And of course we were a little surprised by the response, but of course we wanted to listen to our consumers. Now we are extremely proud to be able to present the Delicato box for real, says Sofia Brandberg, Marketing Manager at Delicato.

The box contains 30 miniatures of popular Delicatoclassics – but also a few newer pieces. And on the cover it stands now “En tradition sedan nu”.

– We are not a particular pretentious brand, we rather like to jape to it around such that may be a bit stilted or serious. And all the traditions start sometime! Now we hope people will take on this new good way to chill, concludes Sofia Brandberg at Delicato.

The Delicato box is available in limited edition and will be available in large portions of the grocery trade from week 40 onwards. The ash contains 30 mini versions of Delicato’s products; Delicatoboll, Punschrulle, Biskvi, Lattebit and Delicacaoboll Raspberry.

Recommended price: 99kr. Does the box have two layers? Yes!

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage