From Christmas to Twelfth Night at Skansen

By on December 19, 2016

Now is the Christmas markets at Skansen completed and it is time for dipping day. Then, on December 24, it is free admission to Skansen. Christmas Eve was a long time the only day of the year that Skansen had not openly, but in 2010 it was changed. No one thought that there would be no large amount of guests, but that there still was a need to take a break from Christmas preparations and get a nice christmas walk.
The first Christmas Eve 2010 statistics surprised when it showed nearly 1,800 guests.
2011 was just under 2,500 guests, in 2012 about 3,400, about 4,250 in 2013, in 2014 over 7500 and 2015 almost 8,500. What it ends on when Christmas Eve gates closed for this year, we can only speculate.

Christmas Eve December 24
Those who go to Skansen at Christmas may be with during the Christmas prayer in the church, buy the last Christmas present and gather around the soup lunch at Restoration Gubbhyllan and Café Nyloftet.
Christmas prayers in Seglora church is at 13.00 and led by the priest Georgina Fornhammar and organist Ann-Sofi Nordin plays on Segloras organ. Great Grey Owls are fed at 12.00 and seals eat Christmas Baltic herring at 13.00. It is open from 10:00 to 14:00

Christmas matins December 25
On Christmas day lit 300 cressets up the road to Seglora church on Christmas morning. Christmas matins in Seglora is a tradition for many years. The minister Georgina Fornhammar holds in the Christmas matins church service together with organist Göran Staxäng and Sofia Staxäng on vocals. After the matin served Christmas matins coffee on Restoration Gubbhyllan from 08.00.

New Year’s Eve December 31
New Year’s Eve culminates in the reading of Tennyson’s poem Ring Out, Wild Bells and this year it’s Pernilla August that reads from the Solliden stage. Midnight at Skansen broadcast live on SVT with Mike Leijnegård as hostess. Guests of the program is Strandels, Boris Renee, Brolle, Glady’s Del Pilar, Blossom Tainton, Jessica Folcker etc.

Christmas ending January 8
But even if Christmas is great for large and small so it lasts not until Easter. On January 8, leads Ayla Kabaca & Christmas orchestra and play leaders from Skansen folk dance the last dance around the Christmas tree for this time.

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