Friday feeling with Death Team

By on October 17, 2016

Last Friday released the band Death Team, which consists of Mayka Edd and Johen Tilli, the song “Messed Up“. It is about unhappy love and about partying away their problem – it is a hard mix between Drake and T.A.T.u., hope and despair, success and maturity.

– For us, this song is just as much about unhappy love that it’s a tribute to our childhood heroes T.A.T.u. and System of a Down, says Death Team. We feel ourselves that it is one of the most interesting songs we’ve done and it will be interesting to hear what others will think about it.

When Death Team was an unsigned band was the scramble among record labels about who would get to sign them, it all ended with the most expensive deal for a debutant of all time – and the debut single “Fucking Bitches In The Hood” was released by Warner Music and was # 1 on iTunes. In November 2015 appointed the American magazine Spin the song to the ninth best single in 2015 and wrote “the most perfectly WTF rap verse of 2015″.

The subsequent singles “Gold (which was top 10 in the Global Spotify Viral Chart), “Jump” and “Dolphin Style” (where Death Team created the Dolphin Awareness Day to highlight dolphins in captivity) played all frequently on the radio.

Last spring the duo was out on a China tour and performed five shows in the cities of Shanghai, Luoyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. This summer EP “Death Team Loves You” and the band toured throughout the Nordic region, with a stop in Arvika, Hultsfred, Stockholm, Umeå, Helsinki, Vaasa, Oslo, Trondheim, among others.

Now they are back with new music! Listen to “Messed Up” här.

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