French lucky pills from Emanuel Gat Dance

By on April 24, 2018

See our big stage being transformed into a living lucky pills when the French choreographer EMANUEL GAT takes “SUNNY” to Stockholm – a loving work for the dance, the music and the joy to be together.

Emanuel Gat is one of France’s most renowned choreographers. In Sunny he has collaborated with musician Awir Leon. Together they have created a multicultural work – a live concert in alloy with ten dancers on choreographic exploration.

An explosion of music, lust and playfulness!

As one of the dancers in the show we also see Swedish Sara Wilhelmsson (born 1982). 

“Emanuel Gat delivers a masterpiece… overflowing with youth and cheerfulness”
Le Figaro

Emanuel Gat Dance: “Sunny”
24-25 April 2018 at Dansens Hus Big Stage

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm