Free jazz star Mats Gustafsson at Fasching in spring

By on March 10, 2017

Foreground figure with large F in Swedish and international free jazz – Mats Gustafsson – is this spring the Artist in Residence at Fasching in Stockholm. Under the title Listen up! by Mats Gustafsson presents the internationally established and respected free jazz saxophonist a series of five concerts at Fasching starting 12 April. Tickets are released.

After the success with concert series signed Goran Kajfes and Isabella Lundgren last year, it is time for one of the free jazz truly great artists to hold his concert series – which will consist of resurrected sixties bands, experimental band from Austria, jazz, punk and amazing soloists. All according to a free and seekers logic.

– I want to stir the pot. My hope is that the audience comes here and really listening at a deeper level. That’s why I call the concert series Listen Up !. I want to offer music that touches the real thing, says Mats Gustafsson, who himself also stands on stage with Fire! and the trio Gush.

Each evening will also be a record store to participate. They exhibit their discs, DJs and sells mainly vinyl.

– There are so many great companies and stores who place and sell fabulous discs, but sometimes they are hard to find. I want to help create contacts.

Mats Gustafsson hope that every opportunity is like a mini festival. The evening begins with record stores DJs, then a solo, followed by one or more bands.

– The goal of the entire concert series is to create closeness to the audience and ask questions. To begin with extremely talented solo acts on stage is important. The closeness that occurs will shape the evening. According to me this is radical music that has to be experienced on the spot, says Mats Gustafsson.

Listen up! Fasching by Mats Gustafsson:
12 April, at 20:00 UP UMEÅ with Phil Minton, support Signe Emmeluth solo
10 May, at 20:00 ZU, support Anna Högberg solo
12 May at 20:00 Radian, support Signe Dahlgreen solo
13 May, at 20:00 Fire!, support Sofia Jernberg solo, Isak Hedtjärn solo
22 May, at 20:00 Hedvig Mollestad trio, GUSH & Sven-Åke Johansson, support Guds Söner makes jazz miracles

April 12, UP UMEÅ with Phil Minton
Support: Signe Emmeluth solo
Record Store: Andra Jazz, Stockholm
Time: at 20:00
Mats – Phil Minton Quartet played for a short time together in 1969 and could have been so much more. Now the resurrected under a new name for this event and it will be extremely interesting to hear what they do today, 48 years later.

10 May, ZU
Support: Anna Högberg solo
Record Store: Pet Sounds, Stockholm
Time: at 20:00
Mats – ZU is Italian anarcho-punk frijazzare with Swedish drummer. Fully stand.

12 May Radian
Support: Signe Dahlgreen solo
Record Store: Record Mania, Stockholm
Time: at 20:00
Mats – Austrian Radian has been around for a long time by now, but they deserve a larger audience. Their latest album is extremely good!

13 May, Fire!
Support: Sofia Jernberg solo, Isak Hedtjärn solo
Record Store: Swejazz, Bromma
Time: at 20:00
Food – We come with a new concept around Fire!. It will be so exciting to see how it is received. This evening there will be two extremely strong soloists.

22 May, Hedvig Mollestad trio + GUSH & Sven-Åke Johansson
Support: Guds Söner makes Jazz Miracles
Record Store: Substance, Vienna
Time: at 20:00
Mats – Hedvig Mollestad trio is truly cutting edge. Real power jazz! Performance group Guds Söner one must just see. It will be so exciting to participate in their miracle. GUSH is my first band, and this evening we are strengthened by Sven-Åke Johanssons improvised poetry.

The tickets are released and can be purchased here >>.

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