Fotografiskas Chef Paul Svensson one of world’s top chefs in Plant-Forward Menus

By on June 15, 2017

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) andthe EAT Foundation selects Chefs and restaurants worthy of spectating, based on their Plant-forward menus with goals to achieve health and sustainability through food.
They now select Fotografiska Stockholms chef and creative leader Paul Svensson, to be part of The Plant-Forward Global 50. A list of 50 Chefs and restaurants in the world to keep an eye on. “We feel both honored and excited to be part of this important list that focus on how much good sustainability do, both when ic comes to provide taste and to make impact”, says Paul Svensson.

Chefs around the world are increasingly engaged in efforts to advance health, sustainability, and food security as part of an expanded vision of hospitality, social responsibility, and business success. The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) together with the Oslo-based EAT Foundation are teaming up to recognize the efforts and contributions of chefs from all corners of the globe that are taking up the mantle of leadership, with a special focus on the intersection of health, sustainability, and the future of food.

Therefore they now release a curated, must-know global list of 50 chefs and restaurants who are advancing “plant-forward” food choices and providing inspiration for change: The Plant-Forward Global 50. Building on emerging trends and consumer preferences, the elevation of plant-forward flavors and menu concepts is a significant step towards meeting a broad array of global, food-linked health and environmental imperatives.

Fotografiskas Paul Svensson is selected because of his significant achievements in re-thinking menus and restaurant concepts towards emphasising plant-based foods. ETA and CIA acknowledge his leadership in advancing “plant-forward” food choices, to benefit both people and the planet, and for providing invaluable inspiration for change.

” We feel very honored and also extremly excited that finely there is a someone recognizing what we do and why instead of who we are. Our main goal is to change the game and show people what sustainability taste like out of the knowledge we contain today. There is no must, just pleasure and to be recognized for that makes us in team at Fotografiska truely happy”, says Paul Svensson.

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