Fotografiska winner of the White Guide “This year’s Terroir”

By on March 9, 2017

Fotografiska winner of the White Guide “This year’s Terroir”

At the White Guide gala it is now clear. Fotografiska takes home extremely honorable award “This year’s Terroir 2017″. The motivation reads: RESTAURANT FOTOGRAFISKA, Stockholm. In order to give humble legumes and vegetables tender makeovers and get them to achieve their potential super star status – here moves constantly boundaries of sustainable, vegetable kitchen – without writing any on the nose.

Terroir is a concept known from the wine world that is increasingly wider, about how cultured takes the flavor of the place where it is grown. “This year’s Terroir”, a prize by the White Guide in collaboration with Coop, is an award that goes to the taverns and food designers who best succeeds in interpreting the organic origin of raw materials. Who have to be the result of their unique circumstances created by the topography, soil, microclimate and neighboring plants in the same place: That which together contribute to the plant’s, fungus, the fruit’s flavor and nutritional value, where organic farming allows the flavors get the chance to come into its own – so created raw uniqueness. A price that is a tribute to the origin and power of diversity and sustainability!

It is a very happy Paul Smith, Fotografiskas food creator, who receives the news of the win.

– Fotografiskas restaurant is passionate about contributing to a better planet. This award is a great confirmation that we succeed in our goal to make a difference and inspire innovation in the industry. Our primary goal is to provide our guests with sustainable pleasure and taste of a place, to show respect for the raw materials and their special expression. So that we win “This year’s Terroir” is truly an honor as this is what we constantly strive: That our spice subsidence defines flavor accents while the raw material itself defines the place. The combination creates our plant dishes that builds health through enjoyment and sustainability through diversity, says Paul Smith, Fotografiskas food creator.

– The close relations Fotografiska have with our suppliers is one reason for this honorable nomination for “This year’s Terrioir”. It is these close relationships, characterized by the strong driving forces that will make a difference, which is the prerequisite for this success. This is regardless of whether it is oyster mushrooms from Hellestads mushrooms, beets from Forsberg’s Grönt in Östhammar or carrots grown in particularly calcareous soil. It is their sustainable production of raw materials that is the prerequisite for the wealth of flavors the restaurant then can work with, in a constantly innovative exploration of the meeting between the raw material and cuisine, says Peter Hanson.
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