Fosch Artisan Pâtisserie is Sweden’s best café in 2019

By on October 10, 2019
Fosch Artisan Pâtisserie is Sweden's best café in 2019

Today, October 10, White Guide presents Café 2019/20. For this year’s guide, a total of 337 cafes have qualified and a total of winners were selected in seven different categories.

For the seventh year we can proudly present a café guide that will help you find the right one in all of Sweden’s cafes. This year’s café guide is the first guide to be split into several launches, where 101 summer cafes, earlier this year, were the first. This year’s guide contains a total of 337 cafes compared to 338 in last year’s guide. Among the cafes that are listed, 39 are new or have come back. During the year, White Guides anonymous testers visited over 400 cafes throughout Sweden.

White Guide Café awards the cafes that have performed or presented experiences beyond the ordinary. We distribute awards in seven different classes. The term café here is the summary name of all types of establishments with coffee service – cafes, patisseries and coffee shops.

Award winners of the year:

This year’s Best Café
– is our finest award. It is given to a café that offers a very high level of Master Class in all the parts that make up a café experience. The winner qualifies for their total points. If more cafes perform at the same level, the score on drinks and pastries determines. With the award for Best Café of the Year, White Guide Café awards the best in Swedish café culture right now.

Fosch Artisan Pastry, Stockholm
In order to deliver higher levels on an annual basis, with stubborn seasonal splashes, a great focus on raw materials and an always equal level, high and artistic creativity. If you have once found here, you will always return.


This year’s Confectionery
– we award a café that presents an excellent selection of pastries, pastry products and bread with the best ingredients as a base – where both tradition and innovation are high, while the level of coffee presentations, serving, environment and atmosphere gives a overall experience worth returning to.

Artipelag Bådan Café & Patisserie, Stockholm
In order to produce admirable pieces in an admirable way that visually hold the same high artistic class as the art hall itself, raw materials follow the season’s local shifts and tastefully reminiscent of the ever-present archipelago environment – this to many, many hundreds of people daily. Wow.


Coffee Shop of the Year
– with the award of the Coffee Shop of the Year, we award a café where coffee is at the center and where innovation and deep knowledge are important ingredients as well as the highest quality of raw materials. An environment and a range of pastries and breads in line with the overall experience also belong to the assessment.

Åre Kafferosteri Torgbaren, Åre
To contribute in a highly committed and passionate way to an improved coffee culture – not only in the small Torgbar, but in the whole area. On site there is deep knowledge, impeccable craftsmanship and spotless coffee – but also a humble appearance that makes us curious about more.


Rising Star of the Year
– with the award of the Rising Star of the Year award, we notice a newcomer in the café sky – but anything but a supernova with a short burning time. From the start, the rising star that are awarded offer a worked-out experience where all parts are important.

Brøderi Borgskog, Gothenburg
With a beautiful touch, great creativity and playfulness, they have created a destination where bakery joy gets infected. We end up never marveling at the pieces of art that leave the oven and condis in this little cafe in battle.


The Years Worth A Journey
– with the Years Worth A Journey award, we highlight a café where the culture of coffee and bakery flourishes, which together with the level of the overall experience attracts long-distance guests. The small café in the countryside as well as the larger café in the big cities can be worth the trip.

Forsby Kvarn Café, Fjärdhundra
In a beautiful place, in a beautiful old mill, to have created a coffee oasis where local delicacies can shine catch up with their own good coffee. Here we are met by a familial warmth that makes us want to stay until the figs turn into wine and sourdough pizza.


Coffee Break of the Year
– with the award of this year’s coffee break, we award a café where coffee and pastries are at a high level and together with the environment creates a nice atmosphere that attracts genuine Swedish coffee break for all types of guests of all generations.

Järvsö Farm Bakery, Järvsö
For having a new spark but the same loving atmosphere, have created a completely genuine real-world coffee experience. The café, which was formerly called Lill-Babs Caffär, is still characterized by the most popular artist in the finest way, and the self-baked coffee bread and good drinks are now taking up more space.


Bakery of the Year
– with the award Bakery of the Year, we award a café where the bakery culture is in focus and which in an extraordinary way presents an innovative selection of pastries and breads where craftsmanship and raw material selection are guiding principles for the business – and which can be experienced on the spot in company with a good cup of coffee .

Sebastién at Söder, Stockholm
To contribute with great passion and a missionary craftsmanship with knowledge and wisdom – both through its presence, and fantastic French-Swedish pastries, the buns and breads that, in battle current, leave the small ovens and give us freshly baked food from morning to evening.

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